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SEAT Dealers Conference Barcelona

In a record period of 6 weeks production time,

we created and realized a dazzling and wow event.

A definite “break through” in the history of SEAT.

Emotional and effective, passionate and to the point.

As creative director responsible for total event concept – “BREAK THROUGH” including: client contact, development show flow,

AV guidance, basic concept decoration & stage setting, briefing/guidance musical production, casting, styling, staging,

car choreography, set up & storyboard choreo.

In creation I worked closely together with Rob de Vries with support of the whole production team and several external experts.

Project for De Vries + partners GmbH

Choreography by Marielle Constancia

Musical Direction by Erwin Steijlen

AV produced by PIXOMONDO

Pictures by Paul Ridderhof