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Volkswagen “Das Event” Kuala Lumpur

“Always by your side” Human, emotional, touching and right into the hearts of the people of Malaysia.

Volkswagen had to regain their confidence with the help of our press show.

Therefore we focused on the youth, our future generation.

A special title song was produced and the actual effect was huge.

As creative director responsible for total event concept ; including: client contact, development show flow,

AV guidance, basic concept decoration & stage setting, briefing/guidance musical production,

casting, styling, staging, car choreography, set up & storyboard choreo.

In creation I worked closely together with Rob de Vries and Martin van de Werf with support of the whole production team and

several external experts.

Project for DVP Asia

Musical Direction by Erwin Steijlen

AV produced by ADDIKT

Pictures by Menno Ridderhof